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InnovaCare Health Shows Value of Highly Coordinated Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

MMM Healthcare (MMM) has offered coordinated healthcare services for more than 400 patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnoses


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — July 1, 2020 – During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, InnovaCare Health subsidiary MMM Healthcare is demonstrating the value of a highly-coordinated care model through their MMM Te Cuida program, which was established to manage and coordinate uninterrupted care for patients who have been diagnosed with, or are suspected to have, COVID-19.

Launched in March, the program provides continual support for members of MMM’s Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans who are recovering at home after a COVID-19 diagnosis. MMM Te Cuida also offers coordinated mental health and social services for family members who have lost a loved one to the coronavirus pandemic.

MMM employees work with Puerto Rico’s 68 hospitals to identify and contact members who have been treated for COVID-19 to assess their needs, coordinate transitions in care and refer patients to more specialized services through clinical cares, support programs, food and medication delivery, and more. MMM Te Cuida has offered this coordinated care to more than 400 members impacted by COVID-19, including nearly 200 dual-eligible members who have used the program to gain access to the services and support they need.

Of those 200 members, more than 40 have been referred to Vita Care clinics, a network of clinics providing specialized treatment for chronic conditions, to address and manage their complex health conditions. Through Vita Care, patients have access to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers and can be seen in-person or through telehealth to ensure their immediate health needs are quickly met and social determinants of health can be addressed. Additionally, MMM Te Cuida has coordinated the transition of care for more than 50 members to social workers, mental health providers, and urgent care centers.

Eligible members are stratified into three groups based on established protocols:

  • Patients who received a COVID-19 diagnosis in the past 14 days. These patients require higher-touch services, which include a daily check-in with nurses to assess their needs, monitor for symptoms and determine appropriate next steps in care. For MMM’s Medicare Advantage members, this support includes a 15- to 20-day supply of meals, based on input from the patient and their primary care physician.
  • Patients who received a diagnosis more than 14 days ago. MMM Te Cuida provides support for these patients through twice weekly calls with nurses and coordination of additional healthcare services as other needs arise.
  • Family members of a patient who has died from COVID-19. Family members who have lost a loved one to the coronavirus pandemic also have access to mental health and social support services through MMM Te Cuida.

“At MMM Healthcare, we know the true value of coordinated care, and we have seen this value come to life during several natural disasters and now through the coronavirus pandemic,” said Orlando González, Esq., president of MMM. “Because the InnovaCare model is built to seamlessly coordinate care across the continuum, we have been able to quickly reach members and connect them to the services they need during a time when they are fearful and concerned for their health and wellbeing. Like many successful initiatives under InnovaCare, MMM Te Cuida was established by one of our team members who saw an opportunity to provide more comprehensive support to the seniors who depend on us.”

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